Office Moving

We Understand The Needs Of Local Businesses & Offer The Best Commercial Relocation Service In Edmonton

Let Us Simplify Your Office Move With Our All In One Office Moving Service

Office relocations and Commercial moving in general can be a very stressful process. We work with business owners from start to finish to ensure that we complete your relocation or delivery needs safely and efficiently. 

We have the Trucks, Man Power, Tools, & Experience needed in order to complete your commercial move successfully. 


Cubicle & Conference Table Moving

Commercial sized desks, tables, and cubicles can be complex to move. Don’t take the chance to relocate your office on your own. Let our trained movers give you the full service and disassemble your office furniture, pad and wrap it before loading it into our truck, safely stack and secure it in the truck, and offload at your new place and place your furniture and boxes according to your preference, as well as give you our full assembly service.  


Commercial IT Equipment. Commercial Printers. Computers + TVS

IT equipment and commercial printers are one of the most fragile and important items an office moves include. We can professionally pack all IT equipment, pad and wrap commercial printers, and provide the packing materials needed for all flat screens in your office. Don’t take the chance and move those monitors in your trunk. Let us provide you with the safest relocation service in the city. 


Oversized/Heavy Commercial Moving

Are you a law firm with an 18 seater conference table? A nail salon with heavy chairs? Or a grocery store with heavy oversized shelves? These are just a few oversized heavy items which are common in commercial moving; we are trained to uninstall and install such items and professionally move it. Nothing is too big or too small for us.


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I will ensure I get you set up with the right plan, equipment and manpower to make your move go extremely smooth and stress free.

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Truck and Warehouse

How To Be Prepared For Moving Day

Moving can be a very time consuming and stressful process, even though moving people's homes is literally daily routine for us, we understand and value the struggles our customers go through. We are here to simplify this process for you. 



In the moving industry there is a very common saying - successful moves begin before the moving day itself. Being self-aware of your furniture, the amount of stuff you have, the amount of stuff which requires to be packed, which items are fragile, which items are oversized, which items might not fit through certain walkways. Knowing the dimensions of walkways and entrances/exits of your current location and the future home go a long way and save yourself from a lot of unexpected scenarios taking place on the day of the move. 




The distance of your move does not determine the amount of packing needed, every move should have majority of the stuff packed in the right boxes in order to avoid damages to your belongings. In order for our movers to properly stack your items in the truck, it is very crucial for majority of the items to be boxed, as the truck travels at 40-50KM/HR on city roads we follow a proper stacking and strapping procedure. Here is a list of boxes and packing materials to keep in mind when shopping for moving supplies :

- Mirror boxes 


- Dish Barrel Boxes : Thicker than normal boxes, made especially for kitchen items

- Packing Paper : Use for dishes and kitchen items

- Mattress Bags

- 2 Cube, 3 Cube, & 4 Cube boxes for everyday items

- Wardrobe Boxes for clothing


If you wish to do none of the packing yourself. We offer a full packing service as well. Call us and ask us about it and we would be more than happy to share details on pricing and how our packing procedure works.  

This is what a safe load looks like. So please let us help you ensure that your house is packed properly in order to make your load is just as safe as this.

Interior Design


Importance Of Estimating The Size Of Your Move Correctly

Even if you are just moving out of a small apartment and moving a few blocks down, in order to keep our service at a high level, we always aim to know the size of the job prior to the moving day in order to be fully prepared. Living in the same place for years ends up with you having a lot more stuff than you might think you did. Getting rid of any items which you don't need anymore or are oversized for your new place have never been a bad option. Ask us about our Junk Removal Add On service : we offer discounted junk removal if you decide upon using us as your movers.

Parking Situation At Pick Up & Drop Off


Neighbours blocking off your driveway or the entrance to your house on the day of your move is not a ideal situation to get yourself in. Always ensure that you are aware of the parking situation at your current home, and new place as well. This will save you time and hassle on the day of your move.