Am I required to be present at the move


Someone has to be present at the beginning of the move in order to go through a full walk around with the moving crew on site, if the customer has a friend or family member attending the movers you must provide their name & contact details during booking process. 


For deliveries and pick ups, you don’t have to be present at the location of pickup/delivery, although you do need to provide us with the receivers/shippers name & contact details


Do the movers take off their shoes & how is the floor protected against Dollies?


We place Floor Runners & Blankets in order to ensure the floor is protected against dust and damage. If the customer pleases to have the shoes taken off, we can always do so as long as it’s safe for us and the work site doesn’t have any hazards which may require the movers to keep shoes on.


How our doors & railings protected against damages? 


We place blankets door covers on all the entrances and secure it with a band so the blankets stays on the door during the whole move even if any item touches the blanket.


We place blanket railing covers on all the railings as well in order to make sure the surface is covered by a thick layer in case of any furniture skimming the surface. The blankets are tied on to the railing with either elastic bands or tape. 


Having such areas covered with pads and blankets makes our customers feel much safer and stress free during the moving process.


Do the movers take paid breaks or stand around during the move? 


Our moving crews show up to moves with the goal of getting it done as quickly as safely possible, therefore, our crews don’t specifically take a break on site and go sit around, they may take a quick 5 minute breather every 1-2 hours or so which is recommended to them by our training team. These five minute breathers every 1-2 hours helps them to keep working efficiently, maintain safely, & avoid exhaustion as there are moves where the boys work 12+ hours. 


Sometimes, the guys stop at a gas station after loading is complete on the way to the offload in order to use the restroom or to grab a coffee which doesn’t take any more than 5-10 minutes, and we always make sure the customer is aware about it to avoid any problems. For moves under 4 hour estimates, the movers usually won’t take any breaks or stop anywhere in the way as the size of the move is small. 


Do the movers place TVs in Boxes & Mattresses in Mattress Bags? 

Yes we do, during the booking process we will always ask the customer the sizes of their mattresses and TVs. We also ask the customer whether they have their own mattress bag & TV Box, if you don’t have your own, we can always provide them and place the mattress in bags and pack up the TV in a box. 


Mattress bags are a standard $15 for 5ML Bags all sizes, & TV Boxes are roughly $25-$35 generally depending on the size.


How does Yeg Movers pack up awkwardly shaped items such as a couch?


For local moves - We stand the couch up on its side and place a blanket on the bottom & top of of the couch, then we wrap it up with 2 layers of shrink wrap. This method has ensures a safe couch move for majority of the moves.


For long distance moves - The method above works just as fine as well., Although if needed we can always crate up a couch after it’s been padded & wrapped for extra protection.


Does Yeg Movers charge extra for areas outside of Edmonton? 


For moves within Edmonton, Nisku, Devon, Beaumont, & Leduc we have a standard 1 HR Travel Charge


We charge 1.5-2.5 HRs of Travel for the following places : 


Parkland County

Spruce Grove 

Fort Saskatchewan 

Sturgeon County


For anything further than the Edmonton Metropolitan Region we consider it a long distance move and pricing is calculated based of # of movers, # of hours required to complete the job, distance of the move, & the time frame of the move. You can get a free (ZERO OBLIGATION) long distance move quote by getting a hold of our relocation specialist 

today 825-522-0024 


Does Yeg Movers charge by the pound? 


For 95% of the moves we complete, the quote does not factor the weight being moved. We don’t charge by the pound, we charge based of how much time and man power the job requires.


Can my movers pack my Kitchen. & Wardrobes? 


Yes we can! We offer 3 types of packing services : Full Pack, Full Unpack & Partial Pack.


If you choose to get a Partial Pack then we pack 2 parts of your house, all the wardrobes & your entire kitchen. Any other miscellaneous items are not touched by the movers.



If you chose to get a full pack by us then you can rely on us to pack your house starting to finish and you’ll have the benefit of not worrying about anything related to your moving process as the movers will Pack everything in your residence according to your instructions. The guys will go through a detailed walk around of your entire place before starting the packing job.


If you chose to get a full unpack, the movers will unpack all your boxes and get rid of all the mess created during the unpacking process such as getting all the unpacked boxes in a pile, junk all the tape which came of the boxes. The movers will also be responsible for placing clothes into Closets, kitchen belongings onto shelves and cabinets. If there are any specific boxes which the customer doesn’t want us to unpack, we will leave it unbothered.  


Does Yeg Movers offer Junk Removal? 

Yes we do, if any customer wants to add Junk

Removal onto their existing Move booking they always have the option to do so. We only charge an extra 1 hour of labour + Eco Station fee in order to add junk removal onto your existing booking.


If you solely only want junk removal done, we offer this service as well. Get a hold of one of our junk removal specialists 

today : 825-522-0024


Does Yeg Movers offer compensation if items are damaged?

Our standard Insurance which is included in

all quotes is 60 cents per pound damaged.


So if an unpacked TV which weighed 100 pounds was broken during the relocation process, the Insurance policy would pay out $60 to the customer.


If you wish to receive a full insurance coverage on your upcoming, you must go through a cargo valuation form with our relocation specialist, so

please be sure to bring this up when going

through the booking process.


Does Yeg Movers have any discounts for Seniors, Students, Healthcare Workers, Fire Fighters, Or Military Employees?


We offer a discount for all Seniors, Students, Healthcare Workers, Fire Fighters, Or Military Employees. 


We take 5 percent off the final bill & provide free Mattress Bags & TV Boxes!


Does Yeg Movers send out labour if no truck is required?

We sure do! Although we always send our own truck to all jobs regardless as our truck has all the Dollie’s, tools, straps, & ramps which the movers may require to get the job done efficiently. The movers also have to get to 1-3 jobs in a day sometimes and it’s the most efficient if they have the truck with them.